Microsoft Outlook has clogged working


Microsoft Windows 7

1. Firstly, click on Start menu icon and then select Control Panel.
2. Select Programs and then click on Programs and Features.
3. Next, scroll and select the Office product and click Change at the top of the Window.
4. Now, click on Quick Repair and then wait till the Office program is repaired.
5. If the above steps did not help to fix the issue, then it is vital to uninstall the office products and reinstall it again.

Microsoft Windows 8 / Microsoft Windows 8.1

1. Click Windows logo key and then the letter R to launch the Run window.
2. Enter the command “control” and press Enter.
3. Then, click on Programs and Features.
4. Now, click on the Office product and select Change at the top of the Window as shown in the image below.


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5. Click on Quick Repair and select Repair as shown in the image below.


6. Completed the Repair. Now check Office suite is working fine as shown in the image underneath.

7.If still issue is not fixed then click on Uninstall and follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall the Office program as given below in the image.

8.Then you have to re-install the Office Product.

Simple Steps for installation:

1. Enter the product key as shown in the image below.

2. If you have your online account, then enter the username and password in the space below as mentioned in the image.


3. Then Click on Install key as shown in the image. And then wait and see the following images which show your installation process completes.

Click on ‘All Done’.

Now, the Office Suite is installed and it’s ready to use. 

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