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Once you purchase the Office 365 Program; you will need to install the Office 365 program in your computer and if you have already installed the Office 365 in your computer and having issues with the Office 365 applications while launching or using; you will need to reinstall the Office program to be able to use the Office 365 applications without any issues.

Here, we are going to guide you as how can you do that.


STEP 1:-  You will need to link your Office 365 account with a Microsoft account. If you have already linked the e-mail associated with your Office 365 account with a Microsoft account; you can simply log in to . If your e-mail associated with the Office 365 is not registered as a Microsoft account; you will need to first register that e-mail as Microsoft account and then log in to Office 365 account page as mentioned above. It will look as below.

office setup

Step 2:- Once you are logged in to your Office 365 account, please click on INSTALL OFFICE icon.

download office setup


NOTE :- This action will install 64- bit version of Office by default. However, if Office detects 32 bit of Office installed earlier in your PC; it will install the 32 bit version of it.

If you need to change the Office from 32 bit to 64 bit; please uninstall office and then install the Office again by selecting OTHER INSTALL OPTIONS, choose the language you want and the version you wish and then click on INSTALL.

Step 4:- If you are using the Edge browser, please click on RUN. In FIREFOX; please double click on the.File downloaded on the top right corner of FIREFOX and in Chrome, click on the file downloaded in the left bottom corner of Chrome.

install office setup 365

Step 5 :- Once you see the message as “You’re all set! Office is installed now”; it means that your Office is now installed completely. Please click on CLOSE.

office installetion



STEP 1:- Follow the first 3 steps same as Windows PC mentioned above.

STEP 2 :- After clicking on “INSTALL OFFICE” ; it will download a file named as Microsoft Office installer.pkg which you can located from Finder and then going to DOWNLOADS section.

office setup 4

Please click on it and then authorize the installation by entering your computer’s password.

STEP 3:- Please click on CONTINUE in the Installation Screen

office setup

STEP 4:- Please click on CONTINUE to agree with software license agreement.

STEP 5:- Please click on AGREE to agree with terms and conditions.

STEP 6 :-  Change the disc or continue with the same disc if there is sufficient space.

Step 7:- Please click on Close when the installation is finished.

office setup

Now if even after re-installing Office; you are still facing same issues with office 365 applications; you will need to remove Office 365 completely from your computer and then re-install it again.

Please follow the below steps in order to complete the goal.



  1. Please navigate to the control panel.

You can locate the control panel in Windows 10 by right clicking on the START button  and choosing CONTROL PANEL.

office setup 3

In Windows 8.1 also you can locate the control panel in the same manner as Windows 10.

In Windows 7 , you can first click on the start button and then go to Control panel

  1. Please click on Programs and then select Program and features.
  2. Please right click on the Office program and select UNINSTALL.
  3. To be double sure, please run the Microsoft FIXIT tool which will remove all the components of previously installed Office program from your computer.
  4. You can download the Microsoft Fix It tool by clicking on the below link.

  1. Please select OPEN which will pop up at the bottom of your browers(CHROME) or the Top of your browser(Firefox).Once done, please restart your computer once and then re-install the Office 365 program again by logging into your Office account on the Office 365 page.